First Fertility Consultation – Tips for best consult

First Fertility consultation is a first step on your goal of parenthood and a lot depends on how well it goes. If you want to know how to get the maximum out of your First Fertility Consultation read on….

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I have always believed that the first consult with a doctor is the most important meeting both from the doctor as well as the patient’s perspective.

Let’s try and look at first fertility consultation from a doctor’s perspective .

For me the first fertility consultation starts from the time the couple peeps in through the door … their smile or nervousness, their body language, their appearance tells me a lot about them. That may not help me make a diagnosis but helps me design the best possible treatment plan for them as well as helps me understand what other therapies in terms of counseling, diet consult or weight loss that they might need.

I always ask patients the question that ‘why are you here to see me’? The answer again gives a lot of insight into their thought process. Some have just come for a preconception counselling, some are there because they have tried themselves for some time and are now worried, some have tried various treatments and have failed and are looking for a new direction and some well, doctor hoppers are just there to compare notes between various doctors.

Over the next 15 mins, I try and understand their medical, social, emotional and financial status because each of these factors contributes towards the treatment plan. Infertility isn’t a life-threatening condition and thus there are always multiple ways of going about treatment and each on its own is the right thing to do, depending on how you look at it.

What about the patient’s perspective on First fertility Consultation?

Often, I find patients coming in unprepared, scared and very hesitant. Respect for the medical profession is another thing but being scared of your doctor doesn’t help. We are just a set of professionals with specific skills to help you with your problem but if we don’t have a frank and unbiased discussion regarding the issue, quite likely you will need to leave unsatisfied or with a misunderstanding. I have elaborated 5 key points which one needs to keep in mind when visiting your fertility expert for the 1st time and I am sure if you follow these, you will have the smoothest consult possible.

Ask yourself why are you meeting a fertility Specialist? 

  1. Are you thinking of starting a family and wish to meet the doctor for preconception counseling?
  2. Are you having difficulty conceiving and this is the 1st doctor you are visiting, and you need to know where to start the treatment from?
  3. Have you visited doctors before and are confused as to which direction to take and this visit is only another opinion?
  4. You are very sure of the treatment you want, and you are visiting merely to start that treatment as soon as possible.

Organize your reports: 

Before you come for your fertility consultation first file all your reports date wise from the latest reports being on top. If you have had multiple treatments done, then try and create a flow chart of events with dates and treatments are done. Every good doctor will go through all the reports but by organizing everything, it makes for an easier and more pleasant consult. There will also be lesser chances of the doctor missing out on an important point or event. 

Be Informed: 

If you are already aware of your problems then it makes sense to read up a little about it online. If you know what kind of treatment you need to undergo then look up the same on YouTube as well as on Google. There is a difference between being skeptical and being inquisitive. A doctor will always love a patient who is informed and is asking relevant questions based on what they have read or learned. The problem arises when you doubt everything the doctor says and want to keep checking what he says with Google or with multiple other doctors. 

Google your Doctor: 

Look up online for your doctor. When I say online, it includes a website, general google search, YouTube as well as social media like Twitter and Facebook. Not only does it tell you about the positive and negative reviews, but it also gives you an idea about the person and the kind of information he or she has already shared on the net about the disease process, treatment, and the centre. 

Don’t hide and don’t hold back: 

Remember it is this person who will help you on your most important journey. Do not hold back vital information. You can rest assured your doctor will never share it with anyone else. Also, don’t be afraid to ask questions and if there is something you don’t understand, stop the doctor right there

I hope these pointers will help you better plan for your next visit to the doctor. Your comments and suggestions are most welcome.

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